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How To Implement An Effective Social Media Strategy

With 80% of Australians active on social media 68% of SMB’s could be using social media to maximise sales. But how do you use social media effectively?


“Start telling the stories that only you can tell”
– Neil Gaiman (Internationally renowned author)


Your business has its own unique story, its own offering and way of communicating. By building an authentic social media strategy that connects with your customer you’ll already be on the road to success with an effective social media strategy.



By developing a social media strategy, you WILL be communicating with most of your customers, attracting new prospects and influencing their purchasing decisions.

However, with social media constantly changing and the internet crowded with dos and don’ts it can be a confusing landscape to navigate. BUT, this is where WE CAN HELP.


GDR Media Group has successfully implemented effective social media strategies for many businesses across Australia.
From organic content plans to paid marketing campaigns we understand what will work for your business.

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Read on for your guide on how to implement an effective social media strategy.


A Sum Of Two Parts

Any successful social media strategy will, in general, be split into two parts: the ‘organic’ strategy and ‘paid’ strategy.


Your ‘organic’ strategy is everything you post directly to your platforms. This content is ONLY seen by your followers and those who share the content.


Your ‘paid’ strategy is every piece of content that you put advertising spend behind. This is done via boosting particular posts or using the chosen platform’s business features to run an advertising campaign that normally has the following key objectives: drive website traffic, generate leads or conversion. This will get your content seen by NEW people and you can retarget those who are already following you or have visited your website.


Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to delve a little deeper into this for you!


Tell Your Brand Story

It all starts with your story. After all a story well told is a story well sold!

How do you do this? As with any story break it down into separate parts.


When it comes to social media, the perfect way to do this is through deciding on a set of content pillars. This will ensure you do not always post the same type of content and approach your paid social media advertising to guide your target audience through your sales funnel. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:



What are your key services and products to promote? This pillar should focus on your BAU content that is regularly drip fed into your content calendar.


Thought Leadership / Industry Insights

This pillar will enable your brand to build its credibility and position your business as a leader in its field. What can you do to educate your customer and therefore heighten awareness of your product



Whether you sell a product or service this is the chance to shout about your success stories! Again, the perfect opportunity to build your brand awareness and credibility.



What are the key moments in your story – past, present and future? When was your business founded? If you’re a gym celebrate that 100th, 500th or 1000th member! If you’re a realtor spotlight the properties you have sold and how it has contributed to the success of your business…


With each piece of content, think creatively about how you’re presenting your story…