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Brand Storytelling

Storytelling... it's in our DNA

“stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts and figures alone”
(source: SmarterCX)


As soon as you have a product and you've identified your target market, how do you commercialise it? Telling your story and guiding your prospective customers to your (online) door is the way to get people to see what you have to offer and choose you against your competition. The secret? Customers want their story to have a “happily ever after”. They want their problems or challenges solved so that they can get the most out of life. How you can help them do it is by having a clear story to tell and in turn help them tell theirs and a clear, distinctive brand that stands out from the crowd.


Without storytelling and a brand, people won’t know about your product or service and what you can do for them. Your sales will suffer or become stagnated and you won’t have a sustainable way to create a profitable business. Great storytelling and an eye-catching brand can help you engage with your target audience, make stronger connections, and turn prospects into lifetime customers.


86% of consumers believe authenticity is key when choosing a brand
(source: Oberlo)



What is Storytelling?

Essentially, a brand strategy is an approach and plan of action designed to achieve your business goals. It allows you to plan how to tell your story. A successful strategy is one that propels your business forward, grows your customer base, increases sales, and creates a strong presence within the industry you operate in.

A marketing strategy also consists of all the marketing activities and tactics your company intends to undertake, and how these are going to be measured (through targets and key performance indicators). Your marketing strategy will tell your story as you wish to be perceived to your customers while rising above your competitors.

A detailed and organised marketing strategy will showcase your business, guide your business and grow your business.


Find out about the Art of Storytelling


What are the benefits of using this service?

Becoming an expert in your brand strategy isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes a combination of quality product development and strategic planning to create a winning marketing plan. An effective strategy is one that is realistic in nature, can be modified along the way and is implemented consistently over time. GDR’s in-house expertise will first understand the ins and outs of your company amidst the wider landscape of the industry that you’re in. Creating and developing your strategy with a solid foundation based on your business ambitions will set you up for success.



Consumers crave storytelling and will be more likely to engage with your business and then buy your product if they can grasp your story and why you exist. 92% of consumers in fact. (source: Forbes)


How GDR will work with you:

GDR will partner with you, evaluate your needs and develop an effective and multi-channel marketing strategy. Recommendations and insights will be formed with your vision always at the heart. GDR aims to be an extension of your business so that the strategy we create with you improves awareness of your brand and ultimately increases sales and customer loyalty.

A Story Well Told Is A Story Well Sold


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