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Creative Services

Our creative services encompass design and content production for all media and channels that we are using to execute your marketing campaign.

Invest in creative and be 11x more successful
(source: Forbes)


Graphic Design

Design is an all-encompassing process of communicating a specific message through pictures and words. It is also used to communicate and represent your brand identity – it is your logo, your images, the colours you use and everything in between.


Graphic design is everywhere you look – flyers, brochures, magazines, websites, posters, billboards, cards… even on your Instagram feed.


Customers often tend to judge businesses based on what they see at first glance. If, for example, your flyer is the first time a consumer encounters your business, you’re going to want the design to leave a lasting impression.


Design can ‘make or break’ a brand’s image, get customers through your door or calling your number. A well-designed advert is without a doubt the most essential element of any campaign. The creativeness, choice of colour and graphics all largely affect the response rate of your advert.


Using an experienced Graphic Designer will give you that outside eye and perspective to set your advertising and brand apart from your competitors. Consistency is key and this service enables your design to be translated across multiple channels.



At GDR, our creative geniuses can entirely revolutionise your brand. We believe that creating a cutting-edge, streamlined brand identity and logo design not only makes you memorable, but it also delivers a strong brand promise to the consumer. Creating a brand style that reflects your business is a crucial element in getting your ideal customer to relate with you and buy from you.


You could be 3-4x more visible with brand consistency


Our experienced team will sit down with you to grasp your basic brand requirements and business goals. Together we will create a ‘look and feel’ that reflects your brand identity. From there we will decide on a set of branding colours, fonts and typographies for your logo design and business use, printed literature, website and social media!


By using this collaborative approach, we can create superior quality brand and logo designs that are eye-catching, innovative and creative all at the same time. At GDR Media Group, we are committed to creating strong brands that enable businesses to grow.


Our graphic design services extend to all aspects of brand development and design, including logos, business card design, social media assets, landing pages, print advertising, newsletters, and more! If your brand is already developed, we can work with your existing style guide or previous works to design graphics consistent with your current business style. If you are unsure as to whether we can help you with your graphic design needs, just ask. We would be more than happy to talk you through our services and capabilities.


Business Cards

A well-designed business card is without a doubt the most essential element of any of your branded corporate assets. That’s why we make it our mission to deliver ideas that will dazzle your customers and tell a visual story that will help you rise above your competition and get your phone ringing! The creativeness, choice of colour and graphics all largely affect how the person perceives you.


Customers often tend to judge businesses based on what they see at first glance. So, when handing over your business card to a customer, you’re going to want the design to leave a lasting impression.


Being the frontrunners in print and design for over 40 years, we certainly have experience up our sleeves! GDR offer distinctive, affordable and reliable business card design services that keep our clients coming back for more. Our in-house graphic design team can assist you in designing a business card that delivers the ‘wow-factor’ and, more importantly, draws in new prospects and prompts them to pick up the phone. An aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand business card, combined with a clear contact details is far more likely to turn your prospects into customers.


Direct Mail

GDR Media Group can offer your business the best deal for your next direct mail campaign, delivered by Australia Post or through our Walker Network. Our depth of experience in the letterbox distribution game means we can handle your campaign efficiently and effectively to deliver your personalised mailers to your prospects or customers.


92% of ALL direct mail is read
(source: openuptomail)


Our Graphic Design team will create your direct mail assets to ensure it tells your story effectively. Whether you’re highlighting a service, promotion or distributing a brand awareness campaign, GDR’s graphic designers will design your direct mail to enable maximum recollection and engagement from your customers.


Flyers & Leaflets

No matter the size of your business, if you have something to offer to local customers in your direct vicinity, then flyer distribution is still one of the BEST marketing tools available for your brand. Flyer distribution is good because it provides people with a physical piece of information that stays with them. Even if they don’t make a decision instantly, they can hold onto the flyer, remembering your brand for use in the future.


Targeted flyer distribution has many advantages when compared to other forms of marketing and therefore it is still one of the most popular forms of marketing worldwide. Here are 5 of the main reasons why letterbox distribution should be a part of your marketing mix:


  1. It’s cheaper and provides better return than any other form of advertising.
  2. It can be targeted to a demographic or area so your money is not wasted.
  3. It’s fast, often with immediate results.
  4. It’s a powerful branding tool.
  5. It’s authoritative & reliable.


With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we are one of the strongest and most reputable names in the letterbox distribution game, offering excellent value distribution services to suit your business. From residential flyer & brochure distribution to magazine and newspaper distribution across Australia including the major metros of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Whatever it is that you need to be distributed, we’ve got you covered from start to finish!


GDR Media Group is also the expert in designing and printing your flyer. Our talented team knows the best ways to engage audiences, and our capable graphic design team can bring your brand to life.


Posters & Decals

How are you making the most of your office or retail space? Retail merchandising, print advertisements and window decals are one of the most effective ways to land a message in-store and get people in the door.  Use posters and your windows as a key marketing tool to promote who you are and what you can offer.  It is the perfect solution that balances interior design with shopper behaviour and capture someone’s attention. Distinctive, well designed posters are a great way to promote your business and makes the most of your own space.  Seed ideas and promotions in posters and window decals so that the customer asks you about them! 


Our amazing team can design a poster or window decals for your business to drive sales.  Ask us how we can make this happen for you.


Digital Ads and Online Banners

Videos, cinemographs, social media tiles and online banners are a key investment for any business in today’s day and age. They are visual, an “instant get” on what the business can do and stands for so that it appeals to the target audience. From websites to social media, a high-quality digital ad or online banner can be the difference between being seen, remembered and earning a click (or a share), or being passed over. An important aspect of any modern-day marketing strategy, make sure you have eye-catching, compelling digital ads promoting your business and what you have to offer.


How GDR will work with you:

Our talented in-house graphic design team lives for design challenges and will work closely with you to interpret your vision and bring your ideas to life. After all, two heads are better than one. We are firm believers that a strong brand identity is a foundation upon which everything is built upon.


From brochure and flyer design to logos, business cards, and anything else you might need, we’ve got all the bases covered!

We make it our mission to deliver ideas that will dazzle your customers and tell a visual story that will help you rise above your competition and get your phone ringing.

From ideation to execution we're here to help as your one-stop media house


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